Saturday, March 31, 2012

Problem Step Recorder-Windows 7 Screen Capture Tool

     Well!You might not heard of this great tool provided by microsoft in windows 7.Problem Step Recorder (PSR) is a small tool which can be of extreme help if have to send some screenshots to some technician or friend of your for asking help about a program crash or anything like that.What this Tool does Is as follows

*Automatically takes a screenshot on mouse click.
*Automatically takes screenshot on any key press.
*You can also add comments according to your requirements.
*Saves all Screenshots in a zip file that can be easily sent via email.

Here is a step by step guide of how to use Problem Step Recoder In windows 7 with screenshots

1.To start Problem Step Recorder click on the window button and enter psr or psr.exe and press enter key

2.After you press enter you will see application with the options to Start the recording enabled and the rest of the options disabled.

3.Now click on the Start Record button and it will start recording your mouse clicks and key press i.e every time mouse is clicked it will take the screenshot of the current window.

4.Now this is the time you start the application which is crashing and it will record the whole step by step execution.So your technician or friend will be able to see how the application crashed or what you might have done wrong while launching the application.

5.After completing the above mentioned steps click on the stop record button.You can also add comments wherever you feel by clicking on the add comments button.

6.When click on stop record you will be asked to save the file.give it a name and save it .this file be in zipped format.

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