Saturday, March 31, 2012

Enable Automatically Login in Windows 7-Skip Login Screen

     If you have been running Windows 7 on your personal computer, chances are high that you haven’t assigned a password for your user account. Whenever you start your PC, the boot process will stop at the login screen and you need to hit enter or click on your user account picture to see the desktop.
As you need to hit enter each time you start your PC, here is quick solution to skip the logon screen. Needless to say that this will save a few seconds as well.
How to skip Windows 7 login screen:
1. Type netplwiz in Start menu search box and hit enter.
Open Run dialog box. To do this, use Windows + R keyboard shortcut. And then enter control userpasswords2 in Run dialog box and hit enter.
2. Under User Accounts dialog box, uncheck the box named ‘Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer’.
3. Click Apply button to see Automatically Log On dialog box. If you have a password for your user account, simply enter the password and click ok. If you don’t have a password for your account, simply click Ok.
4. You are done. Reboot your Windows 7 to see the change.
5. Enjoy Windows 7!

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