Saturday, March 31, 2012

Creat a Diary Using Notepad

     Do you keep a diary (Or maybe a journal or something to keep a track of your daily activities and routines) Or do you wish to make notes where the notes keep the date automatically?Do you watch movies and keep a track of them??Like when you’ve watched it and stuff?? Well here is a cool trick that im gonna show you.Its upto you how you use it. All you need is notepad.

1) Open a blank notepad file.
2) Type .LOG in all caps at the top and hit enter.
3) Now save the file as you wish.
4) After closing the file, open it again and you will notice that the date & time is now listed on the second line.
5) You will also notice that the cursor is ready for you to start typing on the next line.
6) Now every time you open it, type something on the next line and then save it,close it, when you open it again, it will have automatically saved the date and time on the last line.

It keeps a running record of date and time for every save. Now you have a diary ! Have Fun !

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