Saturday, March 31, 2012

How To Watch Star Wars Movie In Windows Command Prompt

        Hey guys, I was struck with my old memories when I was kid, I used to watch Star Wars ASCII version on command prompt,but didn’t quite remember how to do it. I stumbled across that server which hosted and broadcasts the Star Wars Movie in text version. I just wanted to share with you guys, that telnet is not only used for hacking and sending fake E-mails, its used for watching movies too!! Give it a try, I’m gonna show you how.Meanwhile, why don’t you go grab some popcorn?

1) Go to command prompt by going to run and typing cmd, or simply hit windows+R key to open up the run box to make things easy.
2) Type telnet and sit back to watch the show.

         If your telnet is not enabled in your windows system, Then try this post which I post before : How To Make Telnet Work In Windows Vista and Windows 7 For Hacks and Tweaks. You might be doing the least productive thing of the day, but trust me its pretty much worth what you are doing.

         It took total of 13,935 frames to make the entire movie. That means the makers had to work on each and every one of those frames. It’s not an easy thing trust me. Hope you liked it.. Please get back to us with if you have any queries.

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