Saturday, June 9, 2012

LCG Slick_v0.72 for Android

     Slick is a messenger application for mobile phones.It allows you to chat with your friends connected though various online messaging applications.Currently it is still in development, beta version is available for free for public testing.Chat online trough your mobile device and send instant message to your friends or colleagues. Keep in touch even when you're on the go and away from home.

Supported protocols:
Facebook chat

♦ Instant messaging to your friends reliably in real-time
♦ Connect multiple messenger accounts
♦ Text messaging
♦ Emoticons
♦ Alerts - sound, backlight, vibration, notify window displaying the number of new messages
♦ Group and buddy management (add, delete, rename)
♦ Message history
♦ File transfer - send and receive files
♦ Sending / receiving offline messages
♦ Downloading files sent as links
♦ More features to be added

Supported devices:
Android version 2.1 and newer

Versions History:
0.30 (Oct 27 2007) Windows Mobile version, ...
0.38 (Feb 21 2008) Add/delete buddy, Xmpp priority setting, improved Xmpp compatibility, fixed MSN typing icon
0.39 (Mar 3 2008) Fixed Yahoo add buddy, vibration on SonyEricsson UIQ3 phones, fixed MSN and AIM online buddy detection, fixed ICQ connection problems, fixed Yahoo file transfer
0.40 (Apr 1 2008) Send photo, alternative access point (on Symbian), color configuration
0.44 (Nov 6 2008) Using phone theme (S60 3rd ed, UIQ3), fixed PocketPC keyboard button, fixed Symbian camera taking (menu)
0.60 (Feb 15 2010) Facebook chat
0.63 (Aug 4 2010) Android version
0.65 (Nov 9 2010) Fixed MSN "Can't get contacts"
0.66 (Feb 21 2011) Android: Notifications in status bar
0.67 (Feb 23 2011) Fixes of message writer, Fullscreen option
0.68 (Apr 1 2011) Small fixes
0.69 (Aug 22 2011) Fixed GTalk contact list
0.70 (Nov 23 2011) Fixed MSN "Can't get contacts"
0.71 (Jan 2 2012) Fixed expiration on 1.1.2012
0.72 (Jan 20 2012) Fixed MSN time-out

Download Here:
LCG Slick_v0.72 for Android