Sunday, April 1, 2012

How To View Facebook Photos in Full-Screen Mode

     Last month, Facebook  came up with Revamped Photo Veiwer which completely resembled with Google+ photo viewer. In Revamped Photo Viewer, all comments, likes and shares were in the right side bar and photo was aligned at Left side.Now, Facebook has rolled out new Photo Viewer which allows users to view Facebook Photos in Full-screen with high resolution.

     There is a black background to view photos in Full-screen mode and it enlarges the photo 4 times than its normal size. With the enlargement in the photo size the quality of the photo doesn’t decrease but it displays the picture in the maximum possible high resolution. This new photo viewer will be very exciting for users who have have large screen monitors.

There are two possible ways to view Facebook photos in full-screen mode.
Method 1:
Click on the photo and hover the mouse on it. Along with forward and backward arrows you will see a new arrow at the right corner of the photo. Just click on it and it will open in new Full-Screen mode.

Method 2:
Right click on the Options button at the bottom of the photo and choose Full-Screen option to view Facebook photos in Full-Screen.

Use Esc key and click on the cross button to exit from the Full-Screen mode

     You can also open comments side bar by clicking on the comments and likes option on the bottom right corner on the window. In this photo viewer you can do all such things that you were able to do in normal photo viewer like comments, share, like, tag friends, down load photo and even you can report the photos. There are also forward and backward arrows to navigate the photos.

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